About Us

The Asian Study Group was created in Islamabad and served as a voluntary organization from 1973-2021 and on December 4, 2015, it was established as a Trust.

As an apolitical, non-profit organization,  its purpose is to enable members of the community, both foreign and Pakistani, to learn more about the culture, geography, history, religions, environment, crafts and customs of the Asian region in general, and of Pakistan in particular through exclusive and curated educational and entertainment programmes.

Lectures, discussion meetings and other programmes are organized regularly. Trips to various parts of Pakistan are arranged throughout the year. Hikes are taken in the nearby hills, and walks in various regions provide an opportunity to observe local plants and wildlife. Ideas for new activities are always welcome from members. Different subgroups catering to special interests meet at least once each month.

Administrative Council

President: Perveen Malik

Vice President: Michele Galopin

Legal Advisor: Saleha Butt/Ali Butt

Study Group Coordinator: Riffat Durrani

Newsletter Secretary: Akhlaq-ur-Rehman

2020-21 ASG Patron


H.E. Manuel Durán Giménez-Rico,
Spanish Ambassador to Pakistan

ASG President


Perveen Malik

Press Articles
Office Staff

Coordinator: Sadia Z. Akram          Manager: Sylvia Baig             Publications: Sajid Munir

Legal Disclaimers

The Asian Study Group (ASG) is a voluntary organisation established as a Trust with members. All ASG members are required to keep their current ASG membership card with them when participating in programmes. Since space at available venues may be limited, we are obliged to operate on a first come, first serve basis.  Guests are welcome at stipulated programmes.

EVENTS/TRIPS: All programmes advertised in the Asian Study Group (ASG), Islamabad website are for information purposes only. It is left to the reader whether to attend or not. Participants are advised to ensure they are aware of the latest movement/travel advice affecting them through consultation with their respective Agency prior to attending/participating in programmes. All governmental and departmental clearances are the sole responsibility of the participants. Trips, hikes and other programs undertaken with ASG Islamabad are voluntary and entirely at the member's own risk. Domestic & International trips are arranged by short-listed Travel Agencies. ASG Islamabad only provides information. It is the responsibility of all participants to satisfy themselves of all queries/ conditions with the concerned Travel Agency before signing up. ASG Islamabad does not accept responsibility for programmes cancelled due to inclement weather or other safety/travel restrictions or accept liability for any injury or loss- however incurred- and is not liable for any damages of any type, for any reason, however caused, or under any theory of liability, arising in any way out of the information regarding such programmes, even if advised of the possibility of consequences and/or damages. Please note that t is the responsibility of the participants to:

- Have their questions answered and ask for a cost and conditions statement/cancellation policy prior to booking.

- Sign a disclaimer form at the time of paying their deposit.

- Inform the ASG office of any change in their plans for joining the programme. There will be no refund in case of no-shows.

- Be present at the trip departure venue at appointed time. The trip will not be delayed beyond stated time for latecomers.