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The Asian Study Group Office maintains a small library that includes ASG publications and books of general interest. You are encouraged to come and browse!

Publications by ASG

ASG Pictorial Diary

ASG Office

Hiking Guide: In and Around Islamabad

Asim Sarfraz

Central Asian Carpets - An illustrated guide

John Bauman

2024 ASG Calendar

ASG Office

Cycling Guide: In and Around Islamabad

Nadeem Ryaz

Flowering Plants in Islamabad – An illustrated guide

Dr. Siddiqa Malik

Reflections on Life in Pakistan – 50th Anniversary Special

ASG Members

Pakistan and Central Asia – Unbreakable Cultural Links

Prof. Emeritus Ahmed Hassan Dani

Butterflies in Islamabad and Murree Hills- An illustrated guide

Syed Azhar Hasan

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