Become a Member

To become a member, an individual (or family) should be sponsored by one current member. If this is not possible, a letter of recommendation from an employer or person of standing in the community will be acceptable. The Membership application must include a copy of your of CNIC, passport, or diplomatic card.

Members receive a monthly newsletter listing the various events that have been arranged. They may attend all ASG programmes and use the ASG library, which is located at the office. Membership cards must be presented at all functions.

Memberships are renewed annually and are valid till the end of the ASG year. In case of loss of ASG membership card, a nominal charge will be payable for replacement.

Special events may be ticketed. They serve as fund-raisers for meeting the expenses of non-commercial activities of the ASG.

Membership fee is PKR 5000 per family per year to be paid upon application approval. There is a extra fee of PKR200 if a member request the newsletter delivered by post.