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Past Programmes

Saturday, 18 May 2024


Saturday, 18 May 2024

Join us to learn about Miracles Trust’s flagship initiatives- Sunny Miracles & Paper Miracles!

Sunny Miracles is transforming lives with its “green” technology using solar dryers to preserve fruits and vegetables. You will get an opportunity to taste and enjoy delicious 'Halwa' made from sun-dried carrots!

Paper Miracles is an innovative upcycling initiative .Its vision is to positively impact the lives of marginalized women as a self-sustaining social enterprise, specializing in distinctly quality hand-crafted recycled paper products. The beneficiaries transform waste paper into exquisite handmade paper bead products. We will make our own very 'special' jewelry piece from recycled paper .Those of you who are feeling particularly creative can also attend an optional programme and design your very own special momento bracelet using the Paper Miracles paper beads!



Friday, 17 May 2024


Friday, 17 May 2024

Friday to Sunday 17 -19 May

Shogran, one of the most beautiful plateaus in Kaghan Valley is situated 219 km from Islamabad. It takes about five hours to reach here via Mansehra, Balakot and Kawai. Surrounded by thick pine forests and with an altitude of 2,362m, the early summer climate of Shogran is pleasantly cold in May. From Shogran you have a breathtaking view of Kaghan Valley’s snow covered peaks such as Musa Ka Musalla (4,419m), Makra (3,885m) and Malika Parbat (5,290m). We have planned two options within the same trip.


For participants that are interested in easy walks at Shogran and day excursion trip to Sari Paya by Jeep.


For hardcore hikers who will climb Makra Mountain from Paya.


On Friday morning we will drive in a van to Shogran with couple of photo/refreshment stops en route. Shogran will be our base station where we will stay for two nights in a comfortable hotel. Afternoon will be free to walk around Shogran to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery.

On Saturday, we will go by 4x4 jeep to Sari and Paya in one hour. Group members interested in Option-I will walk around the place and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of mountains from the ridge of Paya, Paya at 3,079 is a lush green meadow with spectacular view of Malika Parbat and other snow covered mountains of Kaghan Valley. This group will come back to Shogran by 4x4 jeeps. Afternoon will be free for rest and recreation at Shorgran.

The hikers group (availing option-II) will go to Paya by 4x4 jeep and climb Makra Mountain (3,885m). They will return to Shogran in late afternoon and spend the night at the hotel.

On Sunday, morning will be free for rest and recreation in Shogran till We will leave for Islamabad at around 11.30 am and reach Islamabad in the afternoon with a lunch stop at Abbottabad.

Thursday, 16 May 2024

Film Club - LAWRENCE OF ARABIA -1962

Thursday, 16 May 2024


Director: David Lean

Starring: Peter O' Toole as Lawrence with Alec Guinness playing Prince Faisal. The film also stars Jack Hawkins, Anthony Quinn,Omar Sharif.Anthony Quayle,Claude Rains, Arthur Kennedy and Zia Mohyuddin.

Screenplay :Robert Bolt & Michael Wilson

Awards:The film was nominated for ten Oscars at the 35th.Academy Awards in 1963, winning seven, including Best Picture & Best Director. It also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture- Drama and the BAFTA Awards for Best Film. The dramatic score by Maurice Jarre and the Super Panavision 70 cinematography by Freddie Young also won immense praise from critics

Lawrence of Arabia is an epic,biographical adventure drama film based on the life of T.E.Lawrence and his 1926 book 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom'(also known as Revolt in the Desert).

It is widely regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. In 1991, it was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. In 1998, the American Film Institute placed it fifth on their 100 years...100 movies list of the greatest American films and it ranked seventh on their 2007 updated list. In 1999, the British Film Institute named the film the third- greatest British Film. In 2004, it was voted the best British film in The Sunday Telegraph poll of Britain's leading filmmakers.

The film depicts Lawrence's experiences in the Ottoman provinces of Hejaz and Greater Syria during the First World War, in particular his attacks on Aqaba and Damascus and his involvement in the Arab National Council. Its themes include Lawrence's emotional struggles with the violence inherent in war, his identity and his divided allegiance between his native Britain and his new-found comrades within the Arabian Desert tribes.


Tuesday, 14 May 2024


Tuesday, 14 May 2024

The word anthology derives from the Greek word 'anthologiai' and means ‘collection of flowers’, this is because the flowers symbolise the sentiments that only a poem can express!

Join us for a reading from Alhamra Publishing's collection of the work of over 65 English language poets, from Pakistan and the diaspora, written from the year 2000 till to date. Alhamra Publishing has promoted poetry in English and Urdu as well as in translation from various languages, from the year of its establishment in 2000. This compilation gives readers an overview of the development of this genre of writing, with work from established, mid career and emerging voices. The poems featured are written in a wide variety of forms, from imagist to performance based poetry to the ghazal in English, a form which has developed extensively in the United States and now in Pakistan.

Editor Ilona Yusuf will introduce the project, followed by poetry readings by Islamabad- based poets whose works feature in the anthology!

Sunday, 12 May 2024

Special Programmes & Events - 'END OF YEAR EVENT'- 2023-2024

Sunday, 12 May 2024



A fusion of the Sub-continental classical dance ‘Kathak’, and the Afghan/ Pushtoon ‘Khattak’.


We just like to play good music. It’s is all about moments where you can indulge yourself in the magic of melody and harmony…’

Straddling the line between genres and cultures – shifting from Western to Eastern- the three musicians joined together as a cover band to indulge in their passion for music.

With their diverse backgrounds they perform music ranging from rock, alternative to pop…but always fun to groove to!

Rizwan Haque: Producer/Composer/Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar (ex Vital Signs)

Imran Hanan: Bass Guitar

Lead Vocals: Ajay Rao: English

Bilal Ashraf/ Waqas Iqbal: Punjabi/Pushto/Seraiki & Urdu



Sunday, 12 May 2024


Sunday, 12 May 2024

Join us on this relaxing ride through the jungle- to investigate the 'Jungle Track'!

An exciting addition to the Shakarparian Park- an off-road track...that within minutes, takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life to a calm and remote silence as you wind your way through trees and foliage!




Sunday, 28 April 2024


Sunday, 28 April 2024

Day trip

Nestled between Kotli Sattiyan and Murree, Karor Valley stands as a captivating fusion of the scenic splendor and beauty of dense pine forests.

This is a rare opportunity to savor mountain vistas away from the general more tourist-oriented locations. Along the way, we will make several stops, including the scenic Simli Dam viewpoint, a visit to the historic Chawan Forest Rest House, the Colonial police station and explore historical buildings that evoke a sense of the bygone era, such as abandoned poultry sheds!

Our final destination will be the recently renovated Aryari-Karore Fire Watch Tower. (Fire towers are tall structures in the forest designed to help forest guards keep watch, primarily for fires but also for timber theft). To reach this point, we will drive up high into the mountains along a somewhat precarious ridge. From there, a 10-15 minute trek through the jungle will lead us to the tower, offering enchanting vistas of the surrounding landscape. Participants will have the opportunity to marvel at the majestic pine trees, relish the pristine surroundings, engage in meditation, take leisurely strolls around the area, and indulge in nature photography!

Please note : Bring ample refreshments/ water etc. Additionally, wear sturdy walking shoes and dress appropriately keeping weather conditions in mind!

We have meticulously planned this trip to preserve the natural beauty of the area by minimizing our impact on the environment. We strongly encourage everyone to utilize the transportation arranged for the trip to minimize emissions. While there is an option for self-driving, we discourage it to uphold our commitment to environmental conservation.

Saturday, 27 April 2024


Saturday, 27 April 2024

A programme not to be missed. Limited space...first come, first served!

Balochistan is a land of many landscapes, topographies and therefore many cuisines.Nilofer Afridi Qazi has 'Food Mapped' Pakistani heritage recipes for several years. Her purpose is to document Pakistani culinary culture before many of the undocumented recipes disappear.

She will be giving us a little taste of the traditional Balochi dishes, like Washagai, a local snack filled with the fruits and nuts form in a fried or baked pouch; and Aash which is dish from the Hazara tribes, this also shows us the linkages with Afghanistan and the Central Asia- along with other dishes made with local favorites like “dodai” (bread), “kurt” (dried milk) and “Landi” ( dried meat).The session will end with a delicious and an unusual Shenai icecream which she has developed along with Chef Ammar Mumtaz. Shenai is a wild pistachio bean found exclusively in Balochistan and usually used as a chewing nut across the Northern Belt of Balochistan!

Culinary Tales from Balochistan’ that she has authored- is an endeavor to map the gastronomic traditions of the largest yet most sparsely populated province of Pakistan. In her book, Nilofer not only documents the various foods from this region of immense topographical, ethnic, and climatic diversity but also traces the origins, evolution, and recipes of the staple food items integral to the cultural and culinary fabric of various communities living in Balochistan including Baloch, Pashtun, Brahvi, Hazara, Makrani, Gwadari, Punjabi, Zoroastrian and many more. It is a passion project that this food blogger and documentary maker, and development practitioner took on during the pandemic !


Saturday, 27 April 2024


Saturday, 27 April 2024


Self-Drive (Drive in convoy)

One of the oldest public companies of the Sub-continent, it is also the oldest continuing industrial enterprise referred to as "The Murree Brewery Company Ltd".

The Ghora Gali Brewery was among the first modern businesses established in Asia in 1860 near Murree, which then, was the most popular resort. The products of the Brewery were popular among the British troops who were largely barracked in the 'Galis' of these hills.

Brief history

Between 1885 & 1890 the Company established itself in Rawalpindi and Quetta and acquired an interest in the Oticumand (South India) and Norailiya (Ceylon) breweries. It was the first to be awarded a medal for product excellence at the Philadelphia Exhibition in 1876, followed by numerous awards over the past 140 years.The business was managed by the family of General Reginald Dyer. In the 1940s, the share in the enterprise was obtained by a Parsi gentleman, the late Mr. Peshton Bhandara. His son, the late Mr.M.P. Bhandara later carried on the business, and it is now being run by his grandson, Mr.Isphanyar Bhandara.


In 1935, a massive earthquake totally demolished the Quetta outlet as well as a substantial part of Quetta town, killing thousands of persons. In the 1920s, the activities were mostly transferred to Rawalpindi, but malting continued at the Ghora Gali outlet till the 1940s when the property was sold. This historic building built in Gothic-style architecture was burnt during the partition riots of 1947/48. The ruins are still visible as you drive up to Murree and have served as a backdrop to many Pakistani and some International films!


The current Murree Brewery is located in Rawalpindi.

Saturday, 27 April 2024


Saturday, 27 April 2024

As we hike along the Margalla Ridge from Pir Sohawa, a narrow and curvy stretch of the scenic Pharilla Track offers pine trees, small streams, and a panoramic view of the nearby areas. An old forest rest house from the British Era is located at Pharilla, approximately 8Km from Pir Sohawa. It was maintained by the CDA until a big forest fire destroyed it a couple of years ago. It still provides a perfect picnic spot!

  • We gather at the meeting point
  • Travel as a convoy to the starting point
  • We park our cars at Dino Valley parking.
  • Distance: 18Km round trip (from/to PirShoawa)
  • Elevation Gain: 450m
  • Hike Rating: Strenuous (because of the distance)
  • Wear sturdy shoes; bring refreshments. Also do not forget your camera/phone as you do not want to miss taking shots of the beautiful views!

Please Note: People who have not registered will not be allowed to join the hike.


For pictures of past programmes, click over to our "memories" page.

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