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The   Adventure Club Subgrpup organizes presentations / trips on   sustainable, eco-friendly tourism in   Pakistan. Trips to sites of   natural/cultural interest are regularly arranged. Sometimes these are in collaboration with the other Subgroups.   Most trips have elements of soft or hard adventure depending on the nature of   the programme. These include camping and hiking, treks to the base camps of   high mountains, desert / boat safaris , river rafting ,ecotourism & exploratory outings to different archaeological & historical sites.

Subgroup Programmes: 

Adventure Club, Hiking & Archaeology – ‘TILLA JOGIAN’ - SALT RANGE

A day trip/ hike

Travel by coaster observing strict SOP's.

Alberuni in his travelogue “Kitab ul Hind” has mentioned the legendary ‘Tilla Jogian’ (Peak of Jogis) near Jhelum as the center of Jogis (Ascetics). This centuries-old monastery of Jogis was in existence when Alexander the Great fought the famous battle with Raja Porus near this ‘Tilla’ in 326 BC. It has also been known as ‘Tilla Gorakh Nath’ and ‘Tilla Bal Nath’ at different times. The remnants of the monastery and shrine still exist like a big pond with balconies, masonry tombs, places for meditation, banyan trees, etc.


Tilla Jogian is the highest peak in the Salt Range 3200 feet above sea level. It offers a panoramic view of the Potohar plateau and splendid scenic beauty throughout the trip.

We will travel on the G T road and then about 35km off-G T road to reach (via Domaili & Gattat villages) at the village ‘Bheet’ located at the base of Tilla Jogian Mountain.

One-way travel time is about one and a half hour or slightly more. The hill is quite steep and after a maximum one & half hour’s moderate to strenuous hike, we will reach the top .


Wear sturdy shoes; bring own refreshments.


Day trip to Rohtas Fort is a symbol of the determination and strength of its builder, Sher Shah Suri. The fort, 12 km in circumference, is located 110km from Islamabad in a gorge 16 km North West of Jhelum City. This huge fort has 12 gates, remains of old palaces, 68 towers, 3 deep wells and 12 – 18 meters high/3 – 5 meters thick fortification walls. The construction of the fort started in 1543 and took over three years to complete. Conservation and restoration work is underway to bring back to this great edifice, some of its past glory.


A Day Trip


The Takht-e-Bahi Buddhist Monastery is one of the most impressive and well preserved pieces of Gandhara architecture in Pakistan. It is situated 14 km northwest of Mardan on the road to Swat (2 ½ hour drive from Islamabad). The reputation of Takht-e-Bahi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is based partially on the extraordinarily good state of preservation and partially on its glorious location. The site itself is located on the northern flanks of a rocky spur rising 150 meters (500 ft.) above the plains.

Trip: Taxila

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Trip: Autumn in Hunza

A Photo Safari- 6 days/5 nights

Autumn is the time when the landscape of Hunza and Nagar Valleys is at its most picturesque. The trees throughout the valley seem to be on fire, as their leaves turn to gold, red, orange and bronze contrasting sharply with the barren mountains. Situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan it is approximately a two hour drive from Gilgit city on the Karakoram Highway.

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