Carpets & Textiles


The Carpet & Textile Subgroup focuses on an understading &   appreciation of the wide variety of textiles / carpets and rugs that have served as an integral part of   their cultures of origin- both for utilitarian and symbolic purposes.The   presentations can be at select outlets / or at private homes of persons who   may wish to share their expertise and knowledge.

Subgroup Programmes: 

Carpets & Textiles - The rich carpet-weaving tradition of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran

An opportunity not to be missed for the uninitated & for the ones who think they know it all!

Join us for an afternoon to learn more about the rich carpet-making traditions of this region...

Can you tell a Bokhara from a Chobi?

Why is knot density so important?

What do the different patterns mean?

Learn more about the rich carpet-weaving traditions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran and get answers to these questions and more!

Mr. Ashok Kumar will share his expertise and guide you on the complexities of the art of carpet weaving and enthrall you with the symbolism of the intriguing patterns!

This open-air event will take place in the garden of a private residence. All COVID-19 SOPs will be strictly observed.


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