The   Cuisine Subgroup organises regular programmes ranging from demonstrations and tastings to full   presentations and meals. Themes and subjects vary, from examining national   cuisine by region to tours of international gastronomy, including different   continents and styles of food preparation and presentation. The ingredients   are regularly studied for their health, well-being and medicinal properties   and the origins and evolution of dishes is often a topic of great interest.The   group congregates at a variety of forums, from peoples homes to restaurants   and other outside venues.

Subgroup Programmes: 

Cuisine: Pakistan On a Plate

The secrets of Pakistani cuisine- an informative culinary tour!

Though Pakistan is a country of geographical and linguistic diversity, there is common ground to be found in its food.  In this endeavor, Nilofer Afridi Qazi has traveled the length and breadth of Pakistan, from the fertile valleys and the sea of Sindh; to pastoral Baluchistan; to the plains of the Punjab with its five rivers and the rugged frontier province of KPK. In the process she has collected over a 100 recipes…

Cuisine: A ‘cuisinal’ tour around Southeast Asia

A Sunday Lunch in fabulous surroundings… A must for adventurous food lovers!

Shahnaz Barker founded ‘Coriander Connections’ in Hong Kong in 2009, an enterprise that promotes the very essence of Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine. She will share with us her expertise on various cuisines and cooking techniques of the region. This will include the nutritional, medicinal and health benefits of the ingredients and the many different herbs and spices that are used.

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