Gardening / Botanical Walks


The   Gardening / Botanical Walks Subgroup organises regular presentations with a focus on the flora and fauna of Pakistan, and   Islamabad in particular- keeping in mind the changing seasons. It provides a   platform for novices eager to take up   gardening as well as enthisiastic hobbyists, who are interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise to   promote gardening in Islamabad. One of   the most most popular activities involves a visit to Award winning gardens/   farms.The presentations are followed by a demonstration, Q/A sessions and a   general get-together after the session.

Subgroup Programmes: 


As the winter cold eventually subsides and spring arrives, we should get ready to plant our favourite fruit trees this season!


We will visit a beautiful adobe house on a hill near Simly Dam, via a purpose built road that has been carved into the hill to access it. The garden and the surrounding mountains offer stunning panoramic views and seem to enjoy a symbiotic relationship!


We will gather in the garden on the hilltop to discuss fruit plant types that are suitable for this region and the factors to keep in mind while planting : site preparation, planting time, care during and after planting and other related issues...

and then find our own spot by the lakeside for a picnic!


Bring your favourite refreshments/ mats or folding chairs to enjoy the gorgeous view , relax and have a good time!!


Each participant will be gifted a fruit plant to grow in their own garden before heading home!


Gardening and Botanical Walks - ORANGE PICKING!

Bring family and friends along and enjoy a day’s outing!

We will be driving to a citrus farm to see fruiting organic orange trees. The farm is located approximately 25 km. from the Rawal lake area...the drive is 30-40 minutes.

The oranges at the Farm are unique to this region as they are red from inside and are grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Located in a beautiful setting with a backdrop of mountains, and a river winding down between the farm and the mountains. Our host will give us a guided tour of the orchards and give a brief talk on growing citrus plants, their maintenance, fertilizer and pest control.

Botanical Walks: Exotic Tropical Fruit Trees in Islamabad

Tropical Fruit trees are classified as trees which grow between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.

These trees mostly bear fruit that is bright coloured and strong flavoured.  Most of them are not native to Islamabad, but they can be appreciated and viewed when avid gardeners create the right growing conditions for them in selected spaces where their requirements are met.

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