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The Geology & Natural History Subgroup organizes and coordinates with other Subgroups in planning trips / presentations that deal with the   dynamics & history of the earth and an understanding, study and appreciation of categories of objects / organisms in their natural environment, including animals, fungi, and plants.

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Monday, 29 November 2021

Pl. Note: Due to the close vicinity of the prohibited area,this hike is unfortunately restricted to foreigners.

At 1800m altitude, 'Panjpir' is among the highest and the most beautiful ridges in Kotli Sattian region. It is called Panjpir due to a shrine at the top. Locals believe five saints came to this place and settled here.

The track offers beautiful views of the valleys and the great Himalayas as well as a view of the Jhelum river passing through the mountains. The amazing special rock formations and big boulders throughout , make it a 'not to be missed' adventure ... in winters it snows as well!

Continuing on the trail will take you to Panjpir shrine which can be spotted from the distance by a large clump of trees at the top. On clear days you can even see Makra and other mountains of Kaghan area on your north while different peaks of Kashmir are visible on the east.

The hike will start from Danoi Rest House. There are two options of doing the uphill hike.

  • The long one is 8Km to the top that includes some road portion as well
  • The short version is around 4Km to the top which starts at the end of the road.

It is recommended to do all the way, but we will decide on the spot.Walking time is about 3-4hours.

The hike involves some hard sections and can be categorized as moderate to hard. It can be strenuous for novices or people who have not hiked before.

We will assemble at United Bakery parking area, and board our coaster. It will take us 1.5 hrs to reach Danoi Rest House. Aftera short rest break we will start the hike.

Wear sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water /refreshments for a picnic break at the hill top.


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