The   Literature Subgroup organises regular presentations featuring writers of all   genres of writing, from pacy novels to biographies and contemporary poetry to   freelance journalism.
These events may include book launches, with purchasing and signing   opportunities with the author. The presentations can be illustrated with slides and videos and are sometimes   humorous, yet always informative. An opportunity to discuss the subject of   the evening with the presenter concludes each event.

Subgroup Programmes: 

Literature - 'INVITATION' -Shehryar Fazli discusses his award winning novel...

Fifty years ago, Pakistan held its first ever general election as the country transitioned from military to civilian rule, 23 years after its birth. The refusal to honour the results, however, ultimately led to civil war and the country’s breakup, as East Pakistan seceded to form Bangladesh.

Published ten years ago, Shehryar Fazli’s first novel, 'INVITATION' was runner-up for the 2011 Edinburgh International Festival's ‘First Book Award’. The book uses those events as the backdrop to a haunting story about identity, belonging, and betrayal...

Shehryar Fazli is an author, political analyst, essayist and independent consultant. Much of his career has been spent with the Brussels-based research and advocacy organization, International Crisis Group. He divides his time between Pakistan and Canada. He will share his motivations as a writer and explore how the experience of that era still resonates today....

Literature - ‘THE BEGUM’

Ra'ana Liaquat Ali Khan, Pakistan’s Pioneering First Lady

An illustrated talk


Since the early 1920’s Liaquat Ali Khan had been a central figure in the political landscape of the Subcontinent. When Ra’ana met and married him in 1932, she threw in her lot with his mission to free India from the clutches of colonial rule and the struggle for a just settlement for the 25% of Muslims in South Asia. As soon as partition appeared to be inevitable, she knew she was to remain by his side and say farewell to all her friends and family forever…

Literature: The Maritime Betrayal

Hospitality meets marine conservation- the presentation promises to be entertaining as well as informative!

Charles Barker will discuss his latest novel: The Maritime Betrayal, the story of one woman’s fight to protect the oceans’ most endangered species from the predations of organised crime in Southeast Asia. The subject is compelling and Charles reveals many hard truths about the plundering of our oceans. The problem is leading many species towards extinction…

Opening Event 2020-2021

‘Rawul Pindee: The Raj Years’- a voyage through the mists of time… - Ali Khan

A multimedia Presentation

A sense of nostalgia prevails throughout the presentation for a bygone era as it evokes the Colonial period through a treasure trove of vintage photographs, long forgotten historical facts and figures that have shaped the history of Rawalpindi and its surroundings…..

Opening Event 2011-2012

‘Cultural Expressions’: A Journey into the Sufi Realm of South Punjab: ‘- Sajida Vandal 

Multi- media presentation/ Book Launch, Craft Exhibition

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