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Performing Arts



The Performing Arts Subgroup arranges concerts and live performances   that aim towards disseminating knowledge and introducing and promoting a   range of disciplines: theatre, music   and dances of the Subcontinent/ Asian Countries.

Coordinator: Yasser Noman

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Subgroup Programmes: 

Performing Arts - THE STORY OF 'QAWWALI'

Performing Arts - THE STORY OF 'QAWWALI'

Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Presentation,Demonstration & Performance

A rare opportunity for you to understand & appreciate the finer nuances of the 'Qawwali' tradition of the Sub-continent!

Qawwali evolved in South Asia from the 13th century as a musical form, created through the mingling of Indian and Turco-Iranian traditions. It was the response to the multi-lingual and polytheistic milieu of the Subcontinent that the Sufis encountered, and this was their unique gift offering unity in diversity.

One name is an integral part of Qawwali, that of Amir Khusrau (1253-1325). A mystic, poet, musician, dancer, warrior and courtier, he best embodied the musical and philosophical dialogue between Hinduism and Islam. Born to a Turkic family of the Sachin tribe in Delhi, Amir Khusrau created it in the form as it exists today. It is impossible to have a traditional session without singing at least one of his texts.

The Qawwali ensemble comprises a lead singer with answering soloists, and chorus with two harmoniums. Explosive, vigorous and forceful hand clapping together with a powerful drum pair (tabla) tends to produce a trance-like state in the audience.

A masterful rendition is able to move the most heterogeneous audience, even if they do not understand a single word!


Based in the USA, Ally Adnan is a well known writer, cultural commentator and public speaker on topics of culture, history and the arts. He has conducted seminars internationally and locally at prestigious Universities and Literary festivals. An accredited member of the International Federation of Film Critics (fipresci) and the Dallas Fort Worth, Film Critics Association, he is considered a 'Subject Matter Expert' in the field and has conducted extensive research particularly on Qawwali and Ghazal .



Ghayoor Moiz Mustafa Qawwal & party are direct descendants of Miyan Samat Bin Ibrahim.-the first representatives and practitioners of ‘Khusravi Qawwali’.Representing the twenty-seventh generation, and recognized for their authenticity, purity and fidelity of the musical tradition- masters of music, poetry and rhythm -they are considered to be the foremost young ‘Qawwals’ in the world today. The ‘Qawwali’ that they perform is the same as one practiced more than 800 years ago. Nothing has been allowed to change…

Special Programme/Performing Arts- FATIMA RAKISHEVA: IN CONCERT

Special Programme/Performing Arts- FATIMA RAKISHEVA: IN CONCERT

Sunday, 27 November 2022

Join us for a truly rare and entralling evening of music with Fatima Rakisheva!

Originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Fatima Rakisheva received her Superior Diplomas as a concert performer in chamber music and violin at the École Normale de Musique de Paris Alfred Cortot. She has been principal violinist of the Camerata de Paris and of the Astana Philharmonic Orchestra.

She lives between Paris and Islamabad.

Throughout her career, she has been honoured with awards:

· 1st Honor Prize in trio formation at the UFAM International Music Competition (2009),

· 1st Prize at the Normandy International Music Competition (2010)

· Grand Prix of Honor in chamber music at the Léopold Bellan International Competition (2012).

The Presentation incudes:

1. Silence speaks - Rolf Lovland

2. Ladies in Lavender - Nigel Hess

3. Cinema Paradiso - Ennio Morricone

4. Song from a Secret Garden - Rolf Lovland

5. Tosca remix - Giacomo Puccini

6. Winter 1 - Max Richter

7. Remembrances - John Williams

8. Concert for Violin and Orchestra n° 5 A Major 1st mouvement without cadenza - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

9. Sonata for Violin and Keyboard No. 3 in E Major, BWV 1016: III. Adagio ma non tanto -Jean Sébastien Bach

10. Poeme - Rolf Lovland

11. Hoedown - Aaron Copland

12. Prelude and Allegro “In the style of Pugnani” - Fritz Kreisler

13. Chaconne - Tomaso Vitali

(Violins are important instruments in a wide variety of musical genres. They have been incorporated in many non-Western music cultures, including Indian Subcontinental music.They are most prominent in the Western Classical tradition, both in ensembles -from chamber music to orchestras- and as solo instruments. They are also important in many varieties of folk music including country and bluegrass and in jazz.

Electric violins with solid bodies and piezoelectric pickups are used in some forms of rock music and jazz fusion with the pickups plugged into instrument amplifiers and speakers to produce sound ).



Thursday, 6 October 2022


"Ishq"( The Passion)- the musical staged at the prestigious Saddlers Wells theatre in London- produced by Serendip Productions- is Pakistan’s first Anglo- Punjabi- Sufi musical based on the immortal legend of ‘Heer Ranjha’ one of the most famous Punjabi romantic tragedies in South Asian literature.

It predates Shakespeare’s era and is often claimed that the bard may have been inspired by the tale for his famous Romeo and Juliet!

In 2017…the musical celebrated 70 years of Pakistan’s independence and Pakistan / UK friendship by bringing together talent from both countries for an extravaganza of song and dance that ran to critical acclaim.

In a recap…the director Huma & Dr. Farooq Beg will take us back on a journey of how this mega premier musical was brought to the stage in a record time of three months!

Through behind the scenes scenarios, video clips, interviews and audience reactions the director gives us an insight into the trials and tribulations, the agony and ecstasy of working with and within two diverse cultures to create a show that is not just a love story, but also a powerful portrayal of women empowerment!

Established in 1997 by Huma Mustafa Beg and Dr. Farooq Beg- an International, award-winning producer & director duo...Serendip Productions is one of Pakistan's premier fully integrated Production & Media Communication Company based in Islamabad,


  • Producer: Huma Beg
  • Direction & lyrics: Dr. Farooq Beg
  • Script: Mushfiq Murshed
  • Music: Emu (Fusions band) & Ian Brandon
  • Choreography: Suhaee Abro & Owen smith


Heer Ranjha is part of the 'Qissa' genre of tragic love stories- as the plot involves a romance opposed by family members and ends with the two lovers dying. One of several popular tragic romances of Punjab, There are several poetic narrations of the story, the most famous being Heer by Waris Shah written in 1766 who stated that the story has a deeper meaning, referring to the unrelenting quest that man has towards God...


Heer, an extremely beautiful woman, belongs to a wealthy Rajput family & Ranjha, to the tribe of Jats. He is the youngest of four brothers and lives in the village of Takht Hazara by the river Chenab in Punjab. Being his father's favourite son, unlike his brothers who toil in the lands, he leads a life of ease, playing the flute.

In Waris Shah's version of the epic, after his father’s death-Ranjha leaves home because his brothers' wives refuse to pander to him.Eventually he arrives in Heer's village and falls in love with her. She -mesmerized by the way he plays his flute – reciprocates. They meet each other secretly until they are caught by Heer's uncle, the evil Kaido.. Heer is forced by her family to marry another man.

Ranjha heartbroken wanders the countryside alone, until eventually he meets a Jogi (ascetic), and becomes a Jogi himself, piercing his ears and renouncing the material world. While reciting the name of the Lord, he wanders all over Punjab, eventually finding the village where Heer now lives. Finally Heer's parents agree to their marriage…but alas- On the wedding day, Kaido poisons her food and she dies. Hearing this news, Ranjha rushes to her, but is too late. Brokenhearted, once again, he eats the remaining poisoned food and dies by her side. They are buried in Heer's hometown, Jhang.

Love-smitten couples and others often pay visits to their tomb to seek benediction...

Opening Event 2018-2019

Opening Event 2018-2019

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Concert: Khumariyaan – The Band ‘The Intoxication of Sound’

Opening Event 2017-2018

Opening Event 2017-2018

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Magic and Power of Dance

Kathak - A classic dance

Kathak - A classic dance

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Performed by Yasmeen Shaikh

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