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The   Wildlife & Environment Subgroup incorporates trips, discussions &   presentations that focus on creating an awareness and appreciation of   wildlife, and various aspects of exploitation for human benefit or   entertainment. The sessions also aim at a cognizance and concern for   ecosystems and our natural environment.

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Sunday, 14 March 2021

A very special ‘nature’ walk..an opportunity not to be missed!
Self Drive

Please Note: Foreigners: NOC’s required

Join us on a very special nature walk along the ancient 'Alexander Route' through the scenic Margalla Hills. As we traverse through the area, you will be briefed on the indigenous wildlife, local flora, history, heritage / ancient cultures, and the environmental impacts of deforestation in the region. Given the season, spring will be at its peak with birds- unique to this area- serenading us with their songs!

We will travel to the base camp at Gharyala next to the Buddha Caves and from there to the Kenthla mountain top (some parts of the area are in Haripur District of KP). We will then reach the walking track at Papran De Khoe for a 120 minutes nature trek.

As we walk along the route we will be able to observe signs of mining in the region and fossils preserved from various geologic ages. This is also an opportunity to stop at Alexander’s well (reputedly dug by Alexander’s army) and check out the oldest mango tree- unique to this region!

On the way back, we will take a pit stop at an outdoor restaurant ‘Sadhu’s Retreat’, to relax and- if you like- order some refreshments!

Wear sturdy walking shoes and wear appropriate clothing keeping weather conditions in mind!