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ASG Membership
Terms and Conditions

  • All Programmes in the Asian Study Group, Islamabad (ASG) newsletter are for information purposes only. It is left to the Member whether to attend or not.

  • Members will be responsible for their actions regardless of the results and will not hold ASG responsible.

  • When attending ASG Programmes, Members will abide by the Programme specific rules and conditions which always include:

    • Trips, hikes and other programmes organized by ASG are voluntary and entirely at the Member's own risk. ASG does not accept liability for any injury or loss however incurred.

    • ASG does not assume any responsibility and is not liable for any damages of any type, for any reason, however caused, or under any theory of liability, arising in any way out of the information regarding such Programmes, even if advised of the possibility of consequences and/or damages.

    • Members must ensure that they are aware of the latest movement/travel advice affecting them through consultation with their respective Agency prior to attending/participating in ASG Programmes.

    • All Governmental and Departmental clearances are the sole responsibility of the Members.

    • ASG Programmes organized by third parties will be identified explicitly. ASG does not receive payments for such Programmes. Members will be responsible for payment directly to the third party.

  • Members accept that the Asian Study Group, Islamabad reserves the right to revoke membership at any time it considers necessary, without assigning any reason.

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